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The ABCs of Lasers

There are currently many lasers on the market that claim to be the cure-all when it comes to cosmetic use. No wonder the average consumer is confused!

Here is some information to help differentiate the lasers we have at Krueger Aesthetics


This laser treats broken capillaries and very dark brown pigmented areas. It loves the color red and dark brown. Light freckles do not respond to this laser as they are too light in color to attract the laser beam. Generalized redness like we see in rosacea and small rounded spider vessels, called angiomas, will respond to the KTP as well as prominent superficial capillaries (know as telangectasias). This is one of our oldest but most reliable lasers. Patients love the rapid recovery and consistent results.

Fraxel Clear and Brilliant

Also know as a fractionated laser, this treatment shrinks pores, treats hyperpigmentation and does some tightening. Fractionated lasers only treat about 20% of the skin per procedure, so there is very little downtime involved. Areas we can treat include the face, decolletage and extremities.  This our best laser for reversing sun damage and uneven pigment. Your skin will feel softer and have improved tone for a youthful, more radiant glow.

Clear + Brilliant treatments can help

  • Prevent the signs of aging
  • Improve the look of fine lines
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Reduce pore size and appearance
  • Improve the appearance of pigment changes, sun damage
  • Improve your skin’s overall appearance and glow


We call this a laser peel or a laser microdermabrasion as it causes an exfoliation of the dead layer of skin. Areas that can be treated include the face, decolletage and backs of the hands. There is no downtime and the skin instantly feels smoother and softer. It will help with hyperpigmentation as well.

CO2 Laser

This treatment is the most powerful of our lasers and is intended to resurface the top layers of the skin. Tightening and smoothing of the skin is achieved with the C02. This requires the most downtime of our lasers but is the most effective in treating texture issues and wrinkles.


During treatment, the radiofrequency handpiece gradually delivers energy through the superficial skin to the dermis. Heating of the dermis starts the body’s natural response to protect, heal, and grow NEW collagen

  • 1 – 3 days after your procedure, the area treated will have a “post-treatment glow”
  • 4 – 15 days after treatment, your body’s natural reaction to heal comes into play as fibroblasts become present, and the collagen rebuilding process begins
  • 15+ days post-treatment collagen synthesis and formal remodeling occurs.

The collagen regrowth process will continue days, weeks, even months after treatment. Thus, it is recommended to receive at least 3-5 treatments about 4 weeks apart, so you are re-boosting the collagen building process and getting optimal results. Ask Phyllis how to use the Pelleve to prepare for your red carpet event.  We also do lots of Pelleve in our patients after Kybella to tighten neck loose neck skin.

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